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The installation of fresh air system in kindergartens has become a trend!

Date:2021-06-03 16:09:19 Hits:1455

According to relevant media reports, 4.5 million new cancer people have been added in China in recent years, including more than 40000 children with leukemia. UNICEF noted that 300 million children live in the most polluted areas around the world, where air pollution levels are six times or more than international standards. We spend more than 80 percent of our daily hours indoors, and air pollution can cause irreversible damage to our health and immune system. The indoor pollutant proportion is larger than air, and will sink to the height of 1.2m from the ground. However, in kindergarten, children are 3-6 years old and short in size, which undoubtedly absorb more harmful gases; The respiratory system, immune system and brain of children are not fully developed, the children's breathing speed is twice as fast as that of adults, and the respiratory tract is narrower than that of adults, which means that their air pollution will cause more harm to children. In addition, the classroom has a large population density. Under the condition of air conditioning in summer and winter, the classroom is almost completely closed, which makes the classroom become the hotbed for children to be invaded by bacterial virus in the air. What's more, one person will get sick and the whole class will suffer in sensitive seasons, which seriously endangers the health and safety of children. For the children who are less resistant, we need to pay more attention to and improve the indoor air pollution in kindergartens.

According to the actual measurement, PM2.5 content of primary and secondary schools in South China is more than 3 times of 35 μ g / m3 of the current outdoor first class standard; The carbon dioxide measured in primary and secondary schools shows that the concentration of carbon dioxide in 60 minutes of class time can reach 3000ppm, twice the current standard of 1500ppm. The results show that when the carbon dioxide concentration is 600ppm480ppm, the higher the carbon dioxide concentration in the air, the lower the efficiency of students' homework and the higher the error rate. In such a case, although the extreme weather such as "haze", "sandstorm" temporarily subsided, indoor pollution sources such as formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC are on the verge of covetous. Adults are still in such a bad environment, not only the children with incomplete body development, but also the situation is critical. So the campus fresh air is put on the agenda, the new air system into the campus has become a trend! But how to enter the campus has become another problem that perplexes the new wind enterprises. The national building environment and child health research found that the incidence rate of allergic asthma among preschool children has improved rapidly in the past 20 years, and Shanghai has become the first in the country, and the incidence rate of asthma in children is close to 10%.

Although you can often see news about a kindergarten with a new air system installed on each website, think about it. How many new wind enterprises can really enter the campus market? It can be seen that the new air system is not a slogan to enter the campus, not a simple campus needs, the new wind enterprise sales, can promote the results, and there are many problems to consider. For example, for the new wind enterprises entering kindergarten, for the new wind enterprises, which standards can they take over the project, after all, children's respiratory health is a big thing. Naturally, it is necessary to select excellent enterprises meeting the standards to make parents and teachers reassured. The installation of fresh air system in kindergarten should consider the problems of high efficiency filtration, air volume and noise, operation cost, safety and aesthetics.

The standards related to the air environment of classroom are: hygienic standard for air exchange in primary and secondary schools (GB / t17226-1998), which specifies the carbon dioxide limit and the number of air exchange in primary, secondary and high school classrooms《 The indoor air quality standard (GB / t18883-2002) specifies the indoor air quality evaluation parameters and inspection methods. The indoor air quality parameters include fresh air quantity, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, inhalable particulate matter PM10, benzene pollutant concentration, etc.

In order to provide safe, healthy and effective fresh air purification system to kindergartens, the following conditions are met:

1. Physical efficient sterilization filter

The classroom is limited in space, with limited population and limited ventilation. In addition, formaldehyde, TVOC, germs, radiation and other pollutants brought by school decoration and teaching appliances seriously harm students who stay in the classroom for more than seven hours every day. Therefore, the fresh air system installed in kindergarten has the function of high-efficiency filtration, which can filter pollutants efficiently, and also has sterilization function to protect the children's respiratory health.

2. Air volume and noise

School is a place to study, and it should ensure the normal teaching while paying attention to health. So in kindergarten and even primary and secondary schools, the installation of fresh air system should pay attention to the balance between air volume and noise. The fresh air system should pay attention to this point. Its fresh air system has the function of automatic frequency conversion. When the indoor air quality reaches the standard value, the air volume is sufficient, and the corresponding wind noise is the lowest, and the maximum silence state is achieved. And there is noise reduction function in the case, while ensuring ventilation, there can also be a quiet teaching environment.

3. Controllable operating cost

The installation of fresh air system on campus is always concerned about the high operating cost, which will cause great pressure on the financial expenditure of the school. Therefore, the cost must be considered in the installation of fresh air system in schools. First, the installation in the early stage should consider that most schools have been decorated, so the installed fresh air system must be suitable; Second, the medium-term operation should take into account the power consumption and filter replacement and service life; The cost of maintenance should be considered in the later stage. Some areas where air conditioning or heating are installed also consider the operating pressure caused by ventilation.

4. Safety

The installed fresh air purification system must be CCC certified, and the increase of pollution sources of equipment and materials used shall pass the third party detection. Different installation environment, but also consider some more detailed installation safety issues. For example, the kindergarten installation should consider the children's active, curious, lack of safety awareness. To solve these problems, the functions of child lock, anti tilt, electrical power off protection and so on should be taken. The body of fresh air system should be installed higher and children can not touch it. Moreover, the material of the box is 1.2-1.5mm thick steel plate, which is not easy to be damaged and will not cause harm to children due to accident.

5. After sales service

After the installation of fresh air purification system in kindergarten, after-sales service can not be ignored. When installing the fresh air system, a set of air quality management system with separate measurement and control shall be installed, which can monitor the air quality of fresh air in real time to determine the life of the filter screen and after-sales maintenance of the machine.

In addition to the above problems, the kindergarten should pay attention to the aesthetic and coordination of the fresh air system. In order to grow up healthily in the classroom, the air improvement is really necessary.